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Variation in Inflection ("Variflex") is a research program that aims to get a grip on the phenomenon of inflection by investigating the (first and second language) acquisition of inflection, the geographic spread of inflection and the historical dimension of inflection in one single language.

Participating researchers are Hans Bennis, Fred Weerman, Elma Blom, Alies MacLean and Daniela Polišenská. . They work at the Amsterdam Center for Language and Communication (University of Amsterdam) and the Meertens Institute (Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences). Variflex is funded by the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research NWO.

BISLI is a satellite project that aims to disentangle effects of bilingualism en specific language impairment in the domain of inflection. The research proposal can be downloaded here .

Output of Variflex (manuscripts, presentations, conferences, etc.) can be found here . There are also some downloadables.


TAALEXPERIMENTEN in het Utrechtse Babylab