Thursday, 7 July 2005

P.C. Hoofthuis, Spuistraat 134



9:00 – 9:30                  Arrival and Coffee (downstairs)


9:30  – 10:30               Welcome by Prof. Henk van der Liet    (PCH 104)

                                    Associate Dean, Faculty of Humanities, Universiteit van Amsterdam

                                    and Introduction: Conrad in Amsterdam


10:30 – 12:00              SESSION 1 (triple)


            1A: The Malay World I: Exploration and Trade (PCH 104)

            Chair: Katherine Isobel Baxter


Yasuko Shidara                       “The Malay Archipelago: Continuity and Discontinuity

(University of Tokyo)                        from Wallace to Conrad”


Robert Hampson                     “Conrads Malay Fiction and European Women Travelers

(Royal Holloway)                              in the Archipelago


Ann Lane                                 “Silk Plants in Malata”

(Japan Women’s University)


            1B: Conrad’s Maritime World (PCH 105)

            Chair: Willem F. J. Mörzer Bruyns


Stephen Donovan                   “Conrad and the Rogue Wave”

(Bleckinge Institute of Technology)


Gönül Bakay                           “Lord Jim: A Hero or a Coward?”

(Beykent Universitesi)


Jérôme R. Ensch                     “The Community in the Narcissus

(University of Kent)


            1C: Literary Affinities (PCH 508)

            Chair: Tim Middleton


Linda Dryden                          “H. G. Wells and Joseph Conrad: A Literary Friendship”

(Napier University)


Andrea White                          “Allegories of the Self and of Empire: Stevenson’s Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

(CSU at Dominguez Hills)                and Conrad’s ‘A Smile of Fortune’”


Övgü Tüzün                            “Journeys into the Outer Edge of Darkness: The Representation

(Beykent Universitesi)                        of the Malay Archipelago in the Works of Joseph Conrad

                                                        and V. S. Naipaul”                                                                             



12:00 – 2:00                LUNCH, Restaurant van Puffelen, Prinsengracht 375-377



2:00 – 3:30                  SESSION 2 (double)


            2A: Conrad’s Reception (PCH 104)

            Chair: Ihab Saloul


Ludmilla Voitkovska                 “Conrad and Ukraine: Mutual Erasure”

(University of Saskatchewan)


Anita Mathew                            The Conradian World View and India”



Frank Förster                             “Conrad’s German Reception”

(Universität Leipzig)


            2B: Conrad’s Short Fiction (PCH 105)

            Chair: Allan Simmons


Douglas Kerr                           “‘Typhoon’: Chinese Boxes”

(University of Hong Kong)


Michael Lucas                         “‘Gaspar Ruiz’: Conrad’s Chilean Tale”

(Universidad del Bío-Bío)


Brygida Pudełko                       “Leo Tolstoy’s War and Peace and Conrad’s ‘The Warrior’s Soul’”

(Uniwersytet Opole)



3:30 – 4:00                 Coffee break (downstairs)



4:00 – 5:30                  SESSION 3 (double)


            3A: The Malay World II: History and Fiction (PCH 104)

            Chair: Robert Hampson


Agnes Yeow                            “Contesting Histories, Contesting Empires: A Glimpse of Conrad’s

(University of Malaya)                         Netherlands East Indies”


Katie Featherstone                 “Conrad’s Novels of the East Indies and Multatuli’s Max Havelaar

(University College London)             


Jeremy Hawthorn                    “Reading and Writhing: The Exotic and the Erotic in Joseph Conrad”

(NTNU, Trondheim)



            3B: Conrad and Science (PCH 105)

            Chair: Jacques Berthoud


Christopher Cairney                 “‘Those Dutchmen are all alike’: Race Relations and Biopsychology     

(Doğuş University)                                 in Conrad’s ‘Karain’”


Claes Lindskog                         “Larger than Life: The Malthusian Tragedy in Conrad’s Fiction”

(Lund University)


Martin Bock                              “Joseph Conrad and Germ Theory”

(University of Minnesota Duluth)




Friday, 8 July 2005

P.C. Hoofthuis, Spuistraat 134



9:00 – 9:15                 Coffee (downstairs)



9:15 – 10:45                SESSION 4 (triple)


            4A: Visual and Audible Styles (PCH 104)

            Chair: Allan Simmons


Jacek Gutorow                        “Thresholds of Audibility: Conrad’s Soundings”

(Uniwersytet Opole)


Josiane Paccaud-Huguet         “The Conradian Moment of Vision”

(Université de Lyon)


Hugh Epstein                          “‘The fitness of things’: Conrad’s English Irony in ‘Typhoon’ and The Secret Agent



            4B: Questions of Identity (PCH 105)

            Chair: Mary Morzinski


Marcin Piechota                      “Conrad and Polish ‘Theoretical Racism’”

(Uniwersytet Opole)


Joanna Kurowska                    “‘Europeanness’ and Interpersonal Relations in Conrad’s Malay Fiction”

(Univeristy of Chicago)                                   


Wacław Grzybowski               “Conrad’s Vision of Human Freedom in the Light of

(Uniwersytet Opole)                             Karol Wojtyła’s Anthropology




            4C: Heart of Darkness (PCH 508)

            Chair: Owen Knowles


Jenaeth Higgins                        “The Problem of Perspective? Narration and Moral Subjectivity in

(IES, Chicago)                                    Heart of Darkness


Man-Sik Lee                             “The Implicit Narrator in Heart of Darkness

(Kyungwon College)


Ludwig Schnauder                    “How Free is Marlow in Heart of Darkness?”

(Universität Wien)



11:00 – 12:30              SESSION 5 (triple)


            5A: The Secret Agent (PCH 104)

            Chair: Hugh Epstein


Eduardo Valls Oyarzun            “Social Rhetorics in The Secret Agent

(Universidad Complutense de Madrid)


Paul Wake                                “The Time of Death: ‘Passing Away’ in The Secret Agent

(Manchester Metropolitan University)


David Prickett                         “The Ethics of Self-Governance in Conrad and the Late Work of

(Scotland)                                           Michel Foucault”


            5B: Ethics and Transgression (PCH 105)

            Chair: Keith Carabine


Oliver Garrett                         “On the Borders of Self and Ethics”

(University of Exeter)


Yael Levin                               “The Moral Ambiguity of Conrad’s Poetics: Transgressive Secret Sharing

(Hebrew University of Jerusalem)          in Lord Jim and Under Western Eyes


Yannick Le Boulicaut              “Going Overboard: Ruffians First!”

(Université Catholique de l’Ouest)



            5C: Chivalry and Romance (PCH 508)

            Chair: Roger Eaton


Katherine Isobel Baxter          “The Literary Collaboration of Romance

(The British Library)


Joanna Skolik                          “Chivalry in a Distorting Mirror, or  Honour, Knights, and Damsels in Distress

(Uniwersytet Opole)                            in Chance, ‘The Duel,’ and ‘Falk’”


George Smith                          “Realism and Romance: Conrad’s Representation of Feudal Discourse

(Independent Scholar, USA)               and the End of Modern Fiction”



12:30 – 2:00               LUNCH, Restaurant Haesje Claes, Spuistraat 275



2:00 – 3:30                 SESSION 6


            Dutch Connections (PCH 104)

            Chair: Gene M. Moore


Sylvère Monod                         “Heemskirk, the Dutch Lieutenant”

(Université de Paris III: Sorbonne Nouvelle)


Mario Curreli                            “Was Cloete a Dutchman? Four Different Ways of Telling a Story

(Università di Pisa)                             in Within the Tides


Laurence Davies                       “Rattling the Cage: Conrad, Nicolas Freeling, and the Metaphysics of Crime”

(University of Glasgow)                       



3:30 – 4:00                  Coffee break (downstairs)



4:00 – 5:30                  SESSION 7 (double)


            7A: The Malay World III: Colonial Performances (PCH 104)

            Chair: Andrea White


Susan Barras                            “‘Sly Civility’: Mrs Almayer’s Performance of Colonial Resistance

(Sussex)                                               in Almayer’s Folly


Anne Luyat                              “Almayer’s Folly and An Outcast of the Islands: Preparing Victory

(Université d’Avignon)


Richard J. Hand                       “A ‘Grim and Weird’ Play: Basil Macdonald Hastings’ Adaptation of Victory

(University of Glamorgan)                   



            7B: Matters Biographical (PCH 105)

            Chair: Laurence Davies


Keith Carabine                       “‘Poor Conrad’: Conrad, Rothenstein, Newbolt, and The Royal Bounty Fund, 1905”

(University of Kent)                            


Richard Ruppel                       “More Love between the Lines: Intimacy in Conrad’s Letters”

(Viterbo University)


David Miller                           “Amanuensis: A Biographical Sketch of Lilian M. Hallowes”






Saturday, 9 July 2005

Nederlands Scheepvaartmuseum, Kattenburgerplein 1



10:00 – 10:30              Coffee


10:30 – 10:45              Welcome by Dr. Willem Bijleveld, Director

                                    Netherlands Maritime Museum, Amsterdam



10:45 – 11:45              Philip Conrad Memorial Lecture

                                     by Jacques Berthoud, York University (Emeritus)


                                    “Defamiliarization and Globalization in Nostromo



11:45 – 14:00              LUNCH and

                                     Visit Netherlands Maritime Museum



14:00 – 17:00             Classic Conrad Films:

                                    Victory (1919) and Lord Jim (1925)

                                     with music by The Patusan Trio

                                            Winnyfred Beldman, violoncello

                                            David Kweksilber, clarinet

                                            Hans van der Meer, percussion


17:00 – 18:30              Boat tour of Amsterdam


18:30                          GALA DINNER

                                   Restaurant Smits Koffiehuis, Stationsplein 10



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