This page gives access to information about various types of events related to Functional Discourse Grammar:

Conferences on FDG

Postgraduate Courses on FDG

Workshops on FDG

  • IW-FDG-2013 (Vienna, September 5-6, 2013)
    The Lexicon in Functional Discourse Grammar
  • IW-FDG-2015 (Córdoba, Spain, September 10-11, 2015)
    Derivational Morphology in Functional Discourse Grammar
  • IW-FDG-2017 (Amsterdam, June 26-27, 2017)
    Expressions of tense, aspect, mood, evidentiality and polarity



Latest News

FDG2018 Conference programme

A list of speakers and the abstracts of their papers and poster can now be found at the FDG2018 webpage.

Special issue of Word Structure on derivational morphology in FDG

Volume 11.1 (2018) of Word Structure, edited by Pilar Guerrero Medina and Carmen Portero Muñoz, is dedicated to Derivational Morphology in Functional Discourse Grammar and is now accessible online.

New Web Papers in Functional Discourse Grammar

John Connolly's Construal and the Conceptual Component of Functional Discourse Grammar. (WPFDG91) and Hella Olbertz' Periphrastic expressions of non-epistemic modal necessity in Spanish: A semantic description. (WPFDG 90) are now available.

Special issue of Liames on Transparency in FDG

Volume 11.1 (2018) of Liames, edited by Roberto Gomes Camacho, Erotilde Goreti Pezatti, is dedicated to Transparency in indigenous languages of Brazil, applying the framework of Functional Discourse Grammar to a wide range of languages and phenomena.

New book on grammaticalization from a functional perspective

The book The grammaticalization of tense, aspect, modality, and evidentiality: A functional perspective, edited by Kees Hengeveld, Heiko Narrog, and Hella Olbertz contains many contributions that apply the FDG model to grammaticalization phenomena, and can now be obtained from de Gruyter Mouton.


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