The interests of Functional Discourse Grammar are promoted by the International Functional Grammar Foundation (IFGF), based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The Foundation seeks to foster a sense of community among researchers in FDG. Work on FDG is carried out in many different places across the globe, sometimes in research groups, but more often by individual researchers. The purpose of this page is to enhance the exchange of ideas among all these researchers by giving access to the community.

Latest News

FDG Bibliography

The FDG bibliography is available again.

Final programma IW-FDG2017 now available

The next FDG conference will be held on June 26-27, 2017, at the University of Amsterdam. The final programme is now available (see webpage IW-FDG-2017).

New and accessible textbook on FDG by Evelien Keizer now published

Evelien Keizer's A Functional Discourse Grammar for English - a textbook has been published by Oxford University Press. The book aims at a readership of advanced undergraduate and graduate students and provides numerous exercises that helps the student to get to grips with the details of the theory. With a paperback version available at 24.99 the book is easily accessible for students. More information can be found at the OUP website.


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